Development companies played a big role in the industry of the property market, therefore The New First Home Load Scheme also strongly impacted them as well.


As a first home buyer, I am really interested and curiosity it, since I heard of the scheme from my agency, so what is The New First Home Load Scheme? The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme is an Australian Government initiative to support eligible first home buyers purchasing their first home sooner.


10,000 First Home Loan Deposit Scheme places will be available to eligible first home buyers from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022. Usually, first home buyers with less than a 20% deposit need to pay lenders’ mortgage insurance.


Under this Scheme, part of an eligible first home buyer’s home loan from a Participating Lender will be guaranteed by NHFIC. This is aimed at enabling you to purchase your first home sooner with as little as a 5% deposit. Any guarantee of your home loan is for up to a maximum amount of 15% of the value of your property (as assessed by your lender). This guarantee is not a cash payment or a deposit for your home loan.


The research showed us what happened to property marketing prices when the First Home Owner Grant was introduced back in July 2000, the Property price raised really fast, the value by much more than granted of the buyer in lots of suburbs after all. Forwarding to 2008 and the Federal Government in collaboration with State and Territory governments implemented the “Boost” of First Home Owner as one of a suite of a measure designed to defend the economy against the effects of the Global Financial Crisis, which led the property marketing price went up once again, way more than in 2000 scheme was introduced. The conclusion, after the post-pandemic period, what is the situation will face on to us. Nowadays, many buyers and investors are thinking that will the introduction of this new scheme repeating again like previously “Boost” impact the property price. Understanding, the scheme was given to the first buyer to save a 15% deposit of the purchase price. For the property development companies which were relied on marketing. But this scheme only offers to support up to 10,000 first home buyer loans per year. There were around 110,000 first home buyers in 2018 which means the cap of the scheme to 10,000 applicants per year is not enough of the annual home buyer pool, which means the marketing of price could not be rising quickly but also gradually growing.


“The federal government has announced a number of narrowly-targeted budget initiatives that will assist some first home buyers to realize the great Australian dream,” Dr Wilson said. However, even the scheme introduced the first-home buyer still struggles as prices continue to rise, so there is no time to hesitate, if you really want to buy property, it is the time before the next financial year comes. Otherwise, based on the research and report, lots of overseas buyers are waiting for border reopen. For them, this can prevent currency inflation, for instance, the apartment, the townhouse was the most suitable properties for the first buyers.


Victorian homebuyer Fund shared equity scheme, if you are struggling to save for a home deposit, the Victorian Homebuyer Fund could be the key to owning your home sooner. If you have a 5% deposit, the Victorian Government will contribute up to 25% of the purchase price, in exchange for an equivalent share in the property, which can reduce your mortgage. Plus, no Lenders Mortgage Insurance.


According to Roy Morgan’s research, 12.4% of mortgage holders are experiencing extreme mortgage stress, which means they would struggle to meet their loan repayments even if they were reduced to interest only. Even Roy’s statement concerned that, therefore around 110,000 first home buyers waiting for this moment, as well as the overseas investors, rely on Australia’s better policy than another Western country. Clearly, the property market will be commencing the boom business market after Pandemic.


“The likely overall decline in first home buyers, however, will be offset by rising investor activity which will maintain upward pressure on house prices,” Dr Wilson said. In addition, the Ardor apartment which is a perfect choice for the first home buyer based on the price ranger and location in Melbourne.


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