Tangible investment option with low liquidity

A common worry to investment is the risk related to the fluctuating market. For those who have witnessed the 2008 financial crisis, market was not the worst factor but the liquidation of companies that could left you with not a penny left.

Investing in a property, however, is a totally different story. Though it should not be expected that property has no liquidity issue, the relative possibility of such was minimal as compared to other investment options.

With years of experience in the property market, Sightstone cannot be any more of an advocate of property investment. Not many other investment options own the tangibility that real estate has. Marking a point of financial success with a physical object offers more sense of achievement that other forms of investments, alongside a stronger sense of security from the investment.

Investment that you can control

Despite all investments have risks associated, investing in property is relatively lower as compared to other options. Albeit depending on market conditions, experience of Sightstone in developing property in Melbourne has demonstrated the ability to manage your investment return.

Rather than manipulating the marketing condition, various factors are beneficial in the investment return of property, including the location of the property, the appearance of the property and the associated infrastructure around the property.

The level of control on your property investment, when compared, is higher with visible cause-and-effect relationship and less likely to encounter deceptive number manipulation from accounting measures.

Because of the relation to the market, property investment is not limited with a fixed percentage growth but could be exponentially increased according to market conditions. New development to an area, for example, often aid house prices in the particular suburb to rise in a better rate than the companion suburbs.

The design of the property can also be helpful in keeping the price of the house above nearby residences. While not being fundamental, great presentation of properties were found to have a huge positive impact to the auction price of homes.

Where Sightstone is different

As a premier property development company in Melbourne, Sightstone has been striving to offer property investment opportunities. As Sightstone places our focus on inner-city developments, projects from Sightstone are perfectly located for continuous growth opportunities. Within close surrounding of suburb infrastructures, our properties are well-supported from the time of moving in for better rental opportunities to cover the holding costs.

Our dedicated team in development management meant our projects are in great quality for the future investment performance. Our partnered architects and builders share Sightstone’s aspiration to develop projects that also benefit the nearby suburb to achieve mutual growth for the good of the community.

Any investment is risky. Yet, Sightstone are proud to help our investors in gaining the best outcome as possible. If you require any advice on property investment, we are here to help.