Located on Port Phillip Bay just five kilometres south of Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD), 100% of St Kilda West residents have education facilities and parklands within 500m of their front doors, are less than 250 metres from the bay, and only an 18-minute drive to the city centre — making it the most lifestyle-friendly suburb, according to new data released by Realestate.com.au.

Sightstone property developmentfocuses on providing the latest news for buyers. We have combined data from the ABS location database ranks suburbs based on a number of factors including proximity to the beach or a river, schools, and parks, plus transit times to the nearest CBD. Melbourne’s bayside inner suburbs feature heavily in the report, with St Kilda West followed by sought after suburbs Albert Park, Port Melbourne and Seaholme.

Melbourne’s best lifestyle suburbs:

    1. St Kilda West

With the beach on its doorstep and a short commute to Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD) – 29 minutes by public transport or 18 minutes by car – it’s no surprise that St Kilda West has topped the list of Melbourne’s best lifestyle suburbs.

The small beachside suburb offers all residents walking distance to parks and schools, sufficient public transport options and cycling lanes, and is flanked by vibrant St Kilda, quaint Middle Park, and Albert Park Lake. With the median house price $2,177,500, it will cost you a pretty penny to buy in St Kilda West. However, apartments remain more affordable with the median price for units $575,000.

    1. Albert Park

Albert Park is located three kilometres south of Melbourne’s CBD – a 17-minute drive to the city centre or 24-minute commute using public transport. The area is characterised by Victorian-era architecture and is also home to the historically significant St Vincent Place Precinct: the premier ‘square’ development in Victoria based on similar models in London and featuring Victorian terraces from the 1860s and 1870s surrounding a shared park.

Schools are located near 73% of Albert Park residents, parks are within easy reach for 87% of residents. The median house price is $2,150,000.

    1. Port Melbourne

Port Melbourne has come a long way from the working-class history, with brand new apartments in sleek multi-storey buildings and converted warehouses – the median house price for units is $755,000. Heritage charm hasn’t disappeared, though, with Victorian terraces and workers cottages lining the suburbs older streets – the median house price is $1,510,000.

Located five kilometres from Melbourne’s centre, it will take you 17 minutes to drive to the CBD or 25 minutes using public transport. In Port Melbourne, 100% of residents have parklands within close proximity and 51% of residents have education facilities nearby.

    1. Seaholme

Bayside suburb Seaholme is located 13 kilometres south-west of Melbourne’s CBD – a short 28-minute drive from the city centre or 37-minute commute using public transport. An enclave of the larger suburb of Altona, Seaholme’s small geographic area means 58% of residents have education facilities close by and 99% of homes are within close proximity to local parks.

Houses are the primary dwelling type in the suburb, and you’ll find a variety of heritage-style architecture, 1950s brick, and new builds. The median house price in Seaholme is $1,105,000.

    1. St Kilda

Located six kilometres south-east of Melbourne’s centre, St Kilda is a beachside inner suburb with a diverse history – favoured by Melbourne’s elite in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, a red-light district known for low-cost rooming houses at the turn of the 20th century, and for bohemianism in the 1960s.

The eclectic suburb is peppered with palatial mansions, Art Deco and contemporary apartments, and grand period homes and heritage cottages. The median price for a house is $1,310,000 and for apartments, it’s $522,500. In St Kilda, 97% of homes are within close proximity of parklands, and 52% of homes are nearby education facilities.

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