Most everywhere you travel, you will be surrounded by the products of property development. This industry is responsible for the existence of all buildings, including houses, workplaces, and hotels. Property developers create so much of the world we live in; they are an important part of how our environment develops and adapts through time, whether it is in our homes, places of employment, or places we spend our leisure time.


Areas for Property Development

Most developers will have a certain area of expertise – for example, residential or commercial – but some may overlap and offer a broader variety of property development services.

For example, residential property developers might occasionally include commercial components into predominantly residential constructions – for example, having a shop placed in an otherwise residential building of flats.

Participating in such mixed-use developments may aid the community in more ways than one.


Aurum Casey Fields

Aurum Casey FieldsAurum is a truly unique opportunity to invest in one of the best locations in the region. With a variety of schools, recreational and sporting amenities right on your doorstep, the only tough decision you will have to make is selecting your desired Aurum house & land package. Aurum’s neighbourhood is a valuable and exciting opportunity for you and your family. This boutique community is ready to explode onto the scene in Cranbourne East, one of Melbourne’s burgeoning hotspots.


Benefits of Property Development

As previously stated, one of the primary advantages of the property development Company is the earnings that can be achieved from constructing on vacant land or existing property. While this profit is a direct incentive for individuals in the sector, it is not the main motivator for property development. A certain social value may also be derived from projects that provide housing, places of work, educational institutions, and other amenities to aid in the improvement of the local community.


Property Development in the Melbourne Market

The Melbourne Housing Market is without a doubt in the worst shape it has been in more than 5 years. Prices are falling in some areas while being flat in others; auction clearing rates are low everywhere, investor interest has declined significantly and banks are tightening lending processes for everyone. For the reasons outlined below, now is an excellent time to start a residential property development project in Melbourne.

  1. Prices are falling in certain regions and remaining unchanged in others

Broad market corrections provide excellent purchasing opportunities. If you know how to analyse prices over time and across suburbs, you can spot regions where values have peaked, fallen, and plateaued successful stock investors understand the notion of ‘buying at the bottom,’ and property developers in Melbourne are doing precisely that right now.

Similarly, with some simple statistical research, you may discover suburbs that have underperformed relative to others in recent years and are hence extremely unlikely to see price declines now or in the near future.

Purchasers who obtain expert property development guidance perceive considerable value in certain Melbourne areas.

  1. Across the board, auction clearance rates are poor.

Today’s vendors are driven by fear rather than greed. Buyers no longer blast the reserve price out of the water in emotionally charged auction bidding. In reality, auctions with three or more bids are becoming increasingly unusual, and many sellers simply want to sell for a reasonable amount and move on.

  1. The level of investor demand has fallen drastically

This is undoubtedly a problem for developers of flats and terrace townhouses, as these sorts of properties are typically sold to investors. However, this is less of a concern for me and my clients because we primarily target owner-occupiers with premium townhouse / detached home property development.

First, real estate investors are extremely vulnerable to changes in market dynamics such as declining prices, rising interest rates, or the termination of interest-only lending alternatives.

Homeowners, on the other hand, frequently purchase and sell in the same market – they’re normally content to sell for less in a difficult market if they can buy for less in the same market. In changing market circumstances, demand from owner-occupier purchasers tends to remain quite steady.

Second, unlike Owner-Occupiers, property investors are generally cost careful and are less inclined to pay a premium for quality design, size, and build requirements. When I give clients property development advise, I try to under promise and over deliver, because selling to high-income, emotionally-driven house purchasers has a far higher upside potential.

sightstone real estate

Some important conditions for Property Development in Melbourne

The market is undoubtedly more difficult to manage for residential property developers nowadays.

  1. Concentrate on these four areas and you’ll be able to capitalise on current conditions:
  2. Examine how property prices have performed in the specific suburbs you’re considering, and how these patterns relate to the overall market.
  3. Consider auction campaigns to be one extended private selling campaign, and bargain when you have some negotiating power.
  4. Develop your property with owner-occupiers in mind.
  5. Collaborate with skilled specialists to establish trust with banks.

Finally, for property investors, price growth is expected to be flat over the next several years, so now is the time to consider about proactively boosting your equity through property development.


How Do You Fund a Melbourne Property Development Project?

If it is your first house, you may decide to fund it yourself, using your own resources or the proceeds from the sale of your prior property.

On a commercial basis, whether it is for buy-to-let or development, you may consider funding through a mortgage from your bank, a specialty finance firm, or private investors.


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