Learn about Sightstone

Sightstone is a residential developer. It is a private company. Sightstone primary focus on the development in master-planned communities, inner-city medium density and suburban land. Sightstone’s commitment to sustainability, affordability, quality and community is reflected in everything Sightstone creates. A healthy environment and cleanliness is also a feature of the Sightstone project. An important part of the corporate spirit is to create a better environment than before. Sightstone’s properties provide people with a prosperous and healthy community and the best way of life. Sightstone attaches great importance to the uniqueness of each suburb. We have carried out corresponding strategic planning and design for our project. The purpose of this is to strengthen the existing community and our investors. Our development management team carefully inspects and maintains every link in the development process to maximize the benefits of all stakeholders.

History of Sightstone

For more than 20 years, Sightstone has been developing commercial real estate and residential projects in Australia and Asia. At Sightstone, we balance this rare experience with a passion for future projects. As evidenced by our successful delivery of excellent downtown mid-density residential, master-planned communities, and suburban land development, we provide more than just a well-designed place to work and live. We believe in adding value beyond a single home or investment to consider how our work can benefit the wider community and multi-faceted investment portfolio. For us, whether in business or in life, we believe in looking at the big picture and small details at the same time. By considering every element, we are able to provide real value to our customers, our project partners and our communities.

Merit of Sightstone

Do you want to know how many real estate development companies want to contract your home? Many real estate companies have been looking for a house like yours as the venue for their development projects, and so are we. Are you interested in knowing whether developers will be interested in your house? We believe that you must be interested in understanding and want to estimate the value of your property. You don’t have to go out and try to find various real estate development companies by yourself. You will bypass many companies that are not publicly advertised and inaccessible. Here at Signtstone, we ensure that all information is transparent. As long as you need it, we are here at any time. You provide help. If you have a house to sell, we can help you sell your house privately without the hassle of auctions and public attention. This is achieved by determining the high-quality development value of your house.


We hope to launch more projects as soon as possible. This is an excellent opportunity for you to participate in the action and earn benefits from it. Because you deal with specific types of buyers, if you have flexibility in developing specific conditions, such as allowing soil testing, extending the settlement period, and allowing you to start developing applications, you can get a price that is 5-10% higher than the market value even more.

Marketing and publicizing your property wastes a lot of your precious time and energy. In order to make the house to be truly “on the market”, many homeowners are facing the dilemma of renovation and pre-sale maintenance. It is not uncommon for homeowners to invest tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to renovate bathrooms or kitchens or perform roof maintenance. By selling directly to us, you can save these expensive upfront costs.

Previously, we have many successful projects, such as ARDOR APARTMENTS and ALVINA OAKLEIGH. Currently, we have many new projects such as RADIANCE and AURUM.

If you have any queries about property development, please do not hesitate to contact us.