Brighton nightclub breaks auction price record in suburban Melbourne

Hollywood-style nightclubs appear glamorous among Melbourne residences, and this nightclub broke the price record in the Bayside luxury market. Despite the continuing lockdown, buyers have only two opportunities to visit this property, this modern five-bedroom property at 91 William Street was sold for AU$9.7 million this week, which is equivalent to nearly AU$19,000 per square meter. Belle Properties agent called Sam Inan, described it as the “penthouse pricing” of the house. Sam Inan said it has set a new price record per square meter for Brighton. “Brighton’s land price is about AU$6,000 per square meter, and most high-end sites sell for AU$10,000 to AU$12,000,” Inan said. “This is excellent, I just hope the higher the price, the better.”

Contributing to the appeal was the location of William Street which belongs to the dress circle, even in a salubrious suburb like Brighton where several pockets are highly sought. Cricket legend Shane Warne, who has been a long-time purveyor of Brighton property, used to be a near-neighbour, having owned the Italianate mansion at 6-8 William Street, which he shared for a period with his former partner, actor Elizabeth Hurley.

The new three-story building includes an underground bar with a dance floor, possibly from a famous club in Manhattan or Los Angeles. Described as a “vacation zone” in the listing, it’s outfitted with an illuminated marble bar, gleaming chandeliers that reflect warm light from the fern wallpaper, and an underwater window into the pool. The curved caramel-coloured leather seats and soft emerald green carpet are one of the unique design features of architect Luke Seidler.

Buyers from Melbourne’s inner city are moving to Melbourne’s outer suburbs

As the coronavirus continues to spread and regular lockdowns become inevitable, Melbourne’s outer suburbs are ushering in a new group of home buyers. Young couples and singles are abandoning the bustling inner-city and heading to the Yarra Mountains and Dandenong Mountains to find more living space and a greener environment. Futurist and social researcher Mark McCrindle said these suburbs are attracting a more diverse and complex population because working from home eliminates the need for people to live closer to cities and offices. Mark McCrindle said: “City residents have a college education, double incomes, and no children. They now move to these friendly suburbs to choose their way of life.” He said that demographic changes mean that the outer suburbs will continue to improve, Yarra Areas such as the mountains will have better restaurants and retail stores, and even jobcentres will be set up to meet the needs of the new population. Real estate agents said that since Melbourne’s first lockdown in March last year, buyers in the inner city have never stopped interested in Melbourne’s outer suburbs.

Expansion of financial support for tenants and landlords in New South Wales during the lockdown

During the ongoing Sydney lockdown, Sydney landlords who reduce rents for tenants hit hard by the epidemic will be able to get another up to 1,500 Australian dollars in financial support. Before September 11, tenants were still subject to a 60-day moratorium on evictions, which was announced in the initial support payment of $1,500 announced last month. The extension of the support plan took place after Sydney entered the eighth week of the lockdown and the first week of the New South Wales lockdown. Landlords can now receive rent reduction support within two months from July 14th. The upper limit of financial support is the rent reduction passed on to tenants or A$3,000, whichever is lower. Landlords can also choose to apply for COVID-19 land tax concessions, which means that the offset of land tax liabilities is equal to the rent deduction granted.

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