Success is mutual with Sightstone

Previously Spire Group, Sightstone has been developing and offering exquisite residential and commercial property projects Australia- and Asia-wide. We believe that property development should not be harmful to local communities but help them the blossom with new opportunities bring brought into.

Based in Melbourne, Sightstone is keen to embed the diversity and culture of the city into every of our projects. We carefully select architects to work with to ensure gorgeous yet timeless designs without compromising on quality or safety.

The difference of Sightstone

Sightstone values the uniqueness of every suburb that we strategically plan and design our projects accordingly to both enhance the existing communities and our investors. Our dedicate property development management team delicately check and maintain every step during the development process to maximise the interest of all stakeholders.

Over the two decades of work, Sightstone has been successful in delivering sophisticated inner-city medium-density residences, ranging from townhouses to apartments. The carefully selected sites provide convenient lifestyle since moving in with the existing infrastructure nearby.

Projects from Sightstone are more than just a home, but a thoughtfully designed place, both interior and exterior, to enhance the life of the residences and those who live nearby. We aim to add value beyond our project but to the local communities for a mutual growth opportunity.

The vision of Sightstone

As a responsible property developer, Sightstone does not sacrifice the neighbourhood for the growth of our investors. While nit-picking all the small details, we look to bring benefits to the bigger picture for all stakeholders.

Sightstone is lucky to work with builders and architects with the similar mindset to develop quality projects to our clients. Because of the unique direction that Sightstone is taking, we have demonstrated success in that is widely acclaimed by our clients, our communities and our project partners.

Our recent projects around metropolitan Melbourne include Alvina Oakleigh, Aurum and Radiance that are looking to further enhance the value of the existing suburb while bringing our investors exclusive opportunities to be a part of exciting suburbs.

Sightstone is constantly looking and offering property development opportunities to extend our vision worldwide. Stay tuned as Sightstone bring new projects to our website or contact us directly for more.